Mission Statement

The Office for Institutional Equity's (OIE) mission is to create, advance, and support a collaborative Duke culture that values diversity, educates on equity and inclusion, and cultivates a sense of belonging for the Duke community.

OIE achieves this through:

  • Developing and delivering responsive educational engagements;
  • Addressing concerns related to discrimination, harassment, and related misconduct;
  • Fostering restoration and reintegration through supportive resolution strategies;
  • Supporting and advising on hiring, retention, advancement, and strategic planning; and
  • Infusing accountability throughout the enterprise via policy development, collaboration, and networking.


In 1972, Chancellor John S. Blackburn created the Equal Opportunity Office to ensure university compliance with equal opportunity and affirmative action legislation. The office, directed by George S. Kantor, reported to the Chancellor until 1985. The office was renamed the Opportunity Development Center in 1982. Three years later, President Keith Brodie abolished the office but appointed former director Dolores S. Burke as Special Assistant to the President, who later became Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President for Administration, to oversee the defunct office's functions. In 1995, President Nannerl Keohane established the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Equity, which became the Office for Institutional Equity in the 2004/2005 academic year.