Duke Alumni Engagement & Development

  • Lisa Worster, Chief of Staff, Alumni Engagement and Development
    Phone: 919-681-0402 | Email: lisa.worster@duke.edu
  • Scott Greenwood, Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement
    and Development
    Phone: 919-684-2762 | Email: scott.greenwood@daa.duke.edu

Duke Arts

Duke Athletics

Duke Chapel

Duke Office of Counsel

Duke Divinity School

  • Jung Choi, Associate Dean for Global and Intercultural Formation
    Phone: 919-660-3475 | Email: jchoi@div.duke.edu
  • Alma Tinoco Ruiz, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Homiletics and Evangelism and Director of the Hispanic House of Studies
    Email: aruiz@div.duke.edu

Duke Facilities Management

Duke Finance Services

Duke Fuqua School of Business

Duke General Administration

Duke Graduate School

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Duke Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Misha Angrist, Faculty Liaison
    Phone: 919-684-2872 | Email: misha.angrist@duke.edu
  • Cason Lynley, Director of Marketing, Sales, & Finance,
    Duke University Press
    Phone: 919-688-3524 | Email: clynley@dukeupress.edu
  • Kimberly McNeil, Associate Director of the Duke University Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research
    Phone: 919-613-5465 | Email: km.mcneil@duke.edu

Duke Law School

Duke Libraries


  • Anil Madhok, Chief Operating Officer
    Phone: 919-668-9906 | Email: amadhok@dumac.duke.edu 

Duke Nicholas School of the Environment

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Duke Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance

Duke Office of Durham & Community Affairs

Duke Office of Information Technology

Duke Office of Postdoctoral Services

  • Molly Starback, Administrative Manager
    Phone: 919-681-7154 | Email: molly.starback@duke.edu

Duke Office of the President

  • Laura Brinn, Sr. Director, Strategic Communications
    and Engagement
    Phone: 919-684-3954 | Email: laura.brinn@duke.edu
  • Maggie Epps, Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Chief of Staff to the President
    Phone: 919-684-8978 | Email: margaret.epps@duke.edu

Duke Office of the Provost

Duke Office of Public Affairs

  • Michele M. Wittman, Executive Assistant and Operations Manager for Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs
    Phone: 919-681-3788 | Email: mwittman@duke.edu

Duke Office of Undergraduate Education

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Duke Pratt School of Engineering

Duke Research

Duke Sanford School of Public Policy

Duke School of Medicine

Duke School of Nursing

Duke Student Affairs

Duke Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

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Duke University Health System

  • Ian Brown, Chief Employee Experience Officer
    Phone: 510-368-4238 | Email: ian.I.brown@duke.edu
  • Jeff Chitester, Divisional Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-385-3125 | Email: jeff.chitester@duke.edu
  • Jennifer Duerr, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-613-7774 | Email: jennifer.duerr@duke.edu
  • Alyson Gordon, Assistant Vice President of New Talent Strategies
    Phone: 919-668-7537 | Email: alyson.gordon@duke.edu
  • Megan Haymaker, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-954-3381 | Email: megan.haymaker@duke.edu
  • Chelita Love, Interim Divisional Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-479-2752 | Email: chelita.love@duke.edu
  • Matt Marchione, Divisional Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-684-5983 | Email: matt.marchione@duke.edu
  • Dexter Nolley, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-470-7270 | Email: dexter.nolley@duke.edu
  • Deborah Page, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-668-7229 | Email: deborah.page@duke.edu
  • Mary Jo Sorensen, Divisional Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-419-5022 | Email: maryjo.sorensen@duke.edu
  • Susan Stevens, Divisional Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 984-312-5205 | Email: susan.stevens928@duke.edu
  • Rita Winsor, Divisional Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 919-613-9401 | Email: rita.winsor@duke.edu

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