The six steps below outline The Office for Institutional Equity's complaint process, which is designed to assist the Duke community when concerns about harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct arise. Each case is unique and our team members will customize the process to suit individual needs, but the steps below provide a general idea of what to expect. Duke policies prohibit retaliation against anyone for coming forward with a concern or for submitting a complaint. For questions about the bookmark, please contact For concerns about discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct call 919-684-8222 or email

Bookmark summarizing OIE's complaint process

Step 1

Opportunity to share your story and information to determine appropriate response.

Step 2

Notification of major steps, for example:

  • Notice of investigation/informal resolution
  • 45-day update
  • Close of collection of information
  • Notice of determination and report if investigated

Step 3

Consideration of appropriate interim measures (administrative leave, no contact order, academic accommodations, housing or work location change)

Step 4

Interviewing of witnesses and review of relevant information

Step 5

Referral to internal and external resources for support

Step 6

Collaborate with departments on recommendations for responsive action