Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Services

We live, learn, and work in a world that is increasingly diverse. It is our diversity that adds depth, richness, and excitement to the experience of being a part of the Duke community.

As the demographic landscape continues to shift, we’re given more opportunities to expand our skills for working effectively with people who have different worldviews, perspectives, backgrounds, values, and experiences. Creating a climate where everyone feels valued, respected, and included is more important than ever.

How We Can Help

The Office for Institutional Equity offers wide-ranging services to address questions that managers and staff may have, such as:

  • How do I work successfully with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups, work experiences, values, and beliefs?
  • How can our differences and similarities be understood and leveraged?
  • What does it take to tap into the creativity and innovation inherent in a diverse team environment?
  • What are the skills required to harness the power of multiple viewpoints and different life experiences to increase innovation, creativity, and high-performance results?
  • What are the qualities of an inviting work culture and climate where diversity not only survives but thrives and flourishes?

We partner with leaders, managers, faculty, staff, and administrators across Duke University and Duke University Health System to address questions like these and to help create a climate where people, with all of their differences and similarities, truly feel that they “belong at the table."

Trainings and Workshops

Our staff provide expertise covering an expansive range of dynamic, adult-focused educational workshops and learning solutions for Duke departments and teams to help raise awareness, increase understanding and empathy, and enhance skill development to improve working and learning environments at Duke.

Learn more about our trainings and workshops.

Long-term Planning

We offer various tools and approaches to help Duke leaders develop strategic plans that address the evolving needs of their organization. Through assessment tools, coaching, team building, and retreat facilitation, we help teams create environments where everyone feels respected, included, and safe.

Learn more about our long-term planning services.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our diversity and inclusion strategy services, please email Carla Peraza, Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Equity & Office Manager, and she will connect you to the right person in our office.