Harassment Prevention Advisors

Harassment Prevention Advisors (HPAs) are Duke administrators trained to help students with harassment concerns or complaints, including those involving Title IX. Please be aware that, when responding to harassment concerns or complaints, HPAs are unable to guarantee confidentiality.

If you believe you’re being harassed or have questions or concerns about harassment, please contact the HPA associated with your school or program; if there isn’t one, contact Stephen Bryan or Cynthia Clinton.

Current HPAs and Their Departments

Divinity School

  • Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Professor of Theology, 919-660-3458 (email)

Fuqua School of Business

  • Ellen Wilbur, Director, Executive MBA Services, 919-660-7938 (email)
  • Ruth Tolman, Director of Student Life, 919-660-2890 (email)
  • Steve Misuraca, Program Director, MMS Foundation of Business, 919-660-7705 (email)

Graduate School

  • Jacqueline Looney, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, 919-684-2056 (email)
  • Sondra Ponzi, Senior Program Coordinator, Graduate Student Affairs, 919-684-2056 (email)

International House

  • Seun Bello Olamosu, Associate Director, 919-684-3585 (email)

Nicholas School of the Environment

  • Cynthia Peters, Assistant Dean, Academic & Enrollment Services, 919-613-8070 (email)
  • Nancy Kelly, Director of Nicholas Community Engagement & Events, 919-613-8090 (email)
  • Erika Lovelace, Registrar and Associate Director of Student Administration & Advising, Student Services, 919-613-7459 (email)
  • Kevin McCarthy, Associate Dean, Development & Alumni Relations, 919-613-8003 (email)
  • Joel Meyer, Truman and Nellie Semans/Alex Brown & Sons Associate Professor of Molecular Environmental Toxicology DGS of UPEH program, 919-613-8109 (email)
  • Sherri Nevius, Associate Dean, Student Services, 919-613-8063 (email)
  • Shila Nordone, Director of Research Development, 919-613-8052 (email)
  • Cindy Peters, Assistant Dean, 919-613-8071 (email)
  • Sarah Phillips, Administrative & Graduate Coordinator, Superfund Research Ctr. & University Program in Environmental Health, 919-613-8078 (email)
  • Jeanne Ryan, HR Manager, 919.613.8147 (email)
  • Park Watson, Assistant Director of Admissions & CEM Lead, 252-504-7531 (email)
  • Gwendy Womble, Enrollment Services Program Coordinator, Marine Lab, 252-504-7502 (email)
  • Danielle Wiggins, DGSA, Environment, Ecology, Environmental Policy, 919-613-8002 (email)
  • Deb Gallagher, Associate Professor of the Practice of Resource and Environmental Policy Director, Professional Studies | Chair, Business & Environment Program, 919- 613-8138 (email)
  • James Hench, Associate Professor of Oceanography, 650-759-6639 (email)
  • Amy Kirkland, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, 919-613-8060 (email)
  • Rachel Lo Piccolo, PhD Program Coordinator, Marine Lab Admin, 252-504-7585 (email)
  • Toddi Steelman, Stanback Dean of the Nicholas School, 919-613-8174 (email)
  • Charlotte Nuñez-Wolff, COO/Sr. Assoc Dean for Admin and Finance, 919-613-8004 (email)

Office for Institutional Equity

  • Cynthia Clinton, Director, Harassment Prevention, 919-668-6214 (email)

Office for Postdoctoral Services

  • Molly Starback, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Services, 919-681-7154 (email)

School of Law

  • Elizabeth Gustafson, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, 919-613-7229 (email)
  • Bill Hoye, Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Affairs, 919-613-8533 (email)

School of Medicine

  • Maureen Cullins, Director, Multicultural Resource Center, 919-684-5882 (email)
  • Caroline Haynes, Director, Student Affairs, 919-684-4944 (students only) (email)
  • Delbert Wigfall, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Dean of Medical Education, 919-684-4246 (email)

Student Affairs

  • Sue Wasiolek, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, 919-668-3853 (email)
  • Stephen Bryan, Associate Dean of Students & Director, Office of Student Conduct, 919-684-6938 (email)
  • Zoila Airall,  Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for Campus Life, 919-684-3737 (email)