OIE Releases Progress and Activities Report

November 22, 2017

We are delighted to release our 2016-17 report to the Duke community. Our work is made possible and fueled because of the many partnerships and collaborative efforts that make Duke a more inclusive and intercultural space. Whether it is a university engagement or a health system initiative, we are excited to serve the community in the spirit of excellence and a commitment to support our sense of Duke citizenry, one person at a time.
We hope that you can take a few moments to review the report. In many ways it represents our past, current activities and the future. You will find both qualitative and quantitative implications related to the communities that are proactively engaging in human difference and possibilities therein. You will notice attention given to various forms of intercultural awareness as well as other aspects. Wherever you land within the report, we, the Office for Institutional Equity are grateful to engage in diversity’s promise on a daily basis at Duke and beyond. Access the report here: Mission and Focus Areas

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