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The End of Illness

Trailblazers: How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity

by Redia Anderson & Lenora Billings-Harris

Publication Date: September 2010
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

For any leader who is envisioning what their ideal workforce will look like in 15 years, this is a straight-forward and insightful book that shares practical methods of how to get there through diversity and inclusion. The book features real-life Trailblazer leaders, who are currently evolving their workplaces, the challenges that they have faced, and creative solutions that they have implemented. I would also recommend this book to individuals not in leadership positions, because it shows what management is looking at when they consider succession planning and longer term growth.

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Diversity at Cornell

Diversity at Cornell

Our Defining Focus

A diverse community includes everyone and is the foundation for the meaningful exploration and exchange of ideas. Since its founding, Cornell University has encouraged a culture that provides for the full participation of all members of our campus community—this keeps us at the leading edge in education and in our fields and practices. Cornell University is a place where intercultural skills are developed and enacted among diverse campus constituencies, with community partners, and within the classroom and workplace.

Join us in our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness by adding what is unique about your perspective to our intellectual community. At Cornell we don't simply want you to fit in with what we are already doing—we want you to expand our horizons, blaze new trails, pursue new knowledge, and share all of what you have to offer with all of us.


Global Diversity

Global Diversity

The Global Diversity Vision is an inclusive environment in which we leverage diversity to achieve company business objectives and maximize the potential of individuals and the organization.

The Mission of the Global Diversity & Community Affairs Office is to integrate diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the business in order to:

  • Fully engage the energies of Kodak's employees and a diverse supplier base
  • Meet competitive challenges in the marketplace
  • Maximize shareholder value

Association on Higher Education And Disability


This dynamic web page will serve as an anchor, a pathway, a window, and a springboard for you to explore, understand, and integrate the intersections of diversity, disability, and disability services in higher education. The partnership of AHEAD's Board of Directors and members of AHEAD's Diversity Initiative (DI), invites you to make diversity an integral part of who we are, and what we to do as an organization, as professionals, and as persons working toward inclusion, participation and representation within the systems we work and study in. This is our moral imperative, our professional challenge, and our organizational commitment.

Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity & Compliance

Diversity Management

The State of North Carolina recognizes the critical role that effective diversity management plays in achieving a high-performing organization. As stated in The Roadmap to Diversity, Inclusion and High Performance, "High performance encompasses two complementary components: competent, self-motivated employees and an inclusive leadership support system. Both are necessities to ensure the effective performance of all employees."

This understanding has lead to a philosophy in the State of North Carolina that views diversity as central to the achievement of high performance, rather than a separate component that impacts the business environment but does not direct that environment.

Trailblazers Spotlight

Redia AndersonRedia Anderson, executive coach and nationally recognized leader in the field of inclusion and diversity, is a former chief diversity officer (Deloitte, Equiva Services—joint venture between Shell/Texaco/Saudi Aramco) and has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, partnerships, and universities. Redia is Managing Partner of Anderson People Strategies, LLC, where she helps organizations align people, performance, and results.

Click for more information about Redia or to contact her directly.

Lenora BillingsHarris

Lenora Billings-Harris is a diversity strategist and international speaker who helps organizations make diversity a competitive advantage. Diversity Woman magazine named her as one of twenty top influential diversity leaders in 2008, and she is a past president of the National Speakers Association.

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