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What's New? An introduction to NeurodiversITy

Our IT colleagues with autism, ADHD and other neurological differences are an asset to our workplace. A lack of understanding limits our own ability to appreciate or acknowledge their strengths.

Join DiversifyIT for a powerful learning opportunity with Duke experts on neurodiversity on Thursday, August 5, 20201, from 2-3 PM via Zoom.
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We hope this important conversation will help us make our IT workplace more inclusive and supportive for our colleagues with neurodiversity.

From the Duke Neurodiversity Connections website:
"Neurodiversity is an inclusive term that emphasizes the abilities of people with “brain differences” that are distinct from what is considered “typical.” As a social justice movement, neurodiversity aims to recognize the strengths and unique challenges of those with autism, ADHD and other neurological differences. We view neurodiversity as an asset to Duke University’s campus culture and academic mission."

DiversifyIT would like to raise awareness and discussion around key aspects of the neurodiversity movement and ongoing efforts that we can support. If you are interested in participating in our efforts, or have suggestions email us at