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Equitable Hiring Practices: Strategies for increasing the diversity in your unit and beginning to create a positive climate in which to bring new staff


Kimberly Hewitt & Sophia Brelvi

This workshop engages with search practices, including search committees on equitable practices throughout the search process. Participants will be better equipped to proactively implement beneficial strategies pertaining to:
  • Recruiting a diverse candidate pool
  • Assessing positive and negative biases
  • Understanding resources OIE can provide to support your search
  • Incorporating equitable evaluation measures
  • Exploring best practices that are congruous with departmental and institutional priorities
The topics and techniques covered in this workshop are beneficial for those tasked with making recruitment and retention decisions. Designed for staff and faculty learners. Facilitated by Kimberly Hewitt, Vice President for Institutional Equity & Chief Diversity Officer; Sophia Brelvi, Director of Affirmative Action and Compliance Programs
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Diversity/Inclusion, Ethics, Law, Workshop/Short Course