Annual Informational Breakfast

The Office for Institutional Equity in collaboration with the various entities from Duke Health convene annually to form the Informational Breakfast for Diversity Leadership Teams and groups. The event has grown overtime since its inception from the three Duke Hospitals to eight entities within the health system. The participating entities include Duke Raleigh, Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, Homecare Hospice, Watts School of Nursing, PRMO, Clinical Labs, Duke Cancer Institute, and Duke Primary Care.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide members of the respective Diversity Leadership Teams with the opportunity to share experiences related to various diversity initiatives and efforts in which they have been involved over the previous year.  Examples of topics shared during the forum include education and awareness efforts, efforts in working with special populations, cultivating new strategies for helping staff, patients and the larger community to become more aware of culturally competent care, and exploring innovative ways for exposing staff to resources such as CultureVision.

Below is the most recent listing of initiatives and an archive of our previous years’ programs and initiatives. 

2018 Informational Breakfast

Jayne Ifekwunigwe Presentation


2017 Informational Breakfast

2016 Informational Breakfast

2015 Informational Breakfast

2014 Informational Breakfast

2013 Informational Breakfast

2012 Informational Breakfast

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