Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Award

The Office of Institutional Equity is committed to recognizing individuals and teams making significant contributions toward enhancing diversity and inclusion within the Duke community. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrate behavior or led initiatives that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion. The award honors both staff and faculty who have demonstrated such a commitment by their leadership and have helped to create a more diverse and inclusive environment at Duke University and Duke Health.

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Recipients must demonstrate a high regard for diversity, as outlined in the Duke Guiding Principles and Duke University Health System Core Values. Read the full nomination criteria below.

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Spring 2019 EDI 

EDI Winner 1.PNG

From Left to Right: Park Watson, Michele Grow, Charlotte Nunez-Wolff,

Nancy Kelly, Dean Urban, Brandon Toney, Erika Lovelace, Donna Sell

The Nicholas School Diversity & Inclusion Actionators

The Nicholas School Diversity & Inclusion Actionators chose to call themselves “Actionators” to focus on ACTION and not just on “checking the boxes of diversity.” The Actionators wanted to wholeheartedly, and holistically embrace the concept that everyone belongs and everyone is welcome. At the Nicholas School we believe that in order to solve the world’s environmental challenges, it must be part of our mission to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is valued.



EDI Winner 2.PNG


Dr. Daniel Lew

Dr. Lew for nearly 10 years, has demonstrated his deep commitment to increasing diversity in the biomedical sciences at Duke, both through thoughtful, nuanced and bold leadership, and also through a constant willingness to self-examine and continually work to make himself the best mentor and advocate of underrepresented students and faculty that he can be. He has made a personal and academic commitment to being a lifelong student of effective practices of diversity and inclusion in graduate education.


Spring 2018 EDI

Spring 18 EDI 1.jpg


Dr. Steven Patierno, Duke Cancer Institute

Dr. Steve Patierno is a member of the group of most valuable citizens, those committed to devoting their time and effort to improving the lives and health of people of all populations. Dr. Patierno is deeply committed to and makes profound contributions to address equity, diversity and inclusion, and eliminate health disparities across the continuum of outreach, workforce recruitment and development, translational research and clinical care and research.


Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Team

From left to right: Dr. Jon Routh; Dr. Deanna Adkins; Kristen Russell; Dr. Beverly Gray 


Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Team, Children’s Health Center

The idea of this clinic was the brainchild of Dr. Deanna Adkins, a pediatric endocrinologist on the faculty of Duke’s Department of Pediatrics. To address the complex needs of transgender and gender-expansive children, Deanna recruited Dr. Jon Routh, a pediatric urologist with expertise in the care of children with disorders of sexual development; Kristen Russell, a clinical pediatric social worker committed to the care of lesbian, bisexual and transgender teenagers; and Dr. Beverly Gray a gynecologist who specializes in reconstructive surgery. The Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care has been extraordinarily successful attracting referrals throughout North Carolina and the southeast United States and featured in local, regional and national publications; and interviews on national television programs including CBS News, and ABC News. The team’s commitment and leadership to equity, diversity and inclusion has been extraordinary.


Sanford School of Public Policy

From left to right: Professors Kate Whetten; Quinton Smith; Professor Deondra Rose 


Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, Sanford School of Public Policy

The Sanford School of Public Policy Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) works together as a singular voice to model the OIE established criteria for the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award (EDI). Demonstrating leadership and an exceptional commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Dean Kelly Brownell established the CDI in 2015 as a way to further the School’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Professors Kate Whetten, Deondra Rose and Jay Pearson lead the committee. A quote from Quinton Smith who organizes and facilitates the committee’s activities and appears on their website summarizes the impact the CDI has had on the Sanford community. “We strive to make sure that diversity and inclusion are more than mere buzzwords and mandates. We want everyone who is part of the Sanford community ---whether student, staff or faculty ---to know that this is a place that acknowledges, values and celebrates its rich mélange of identities.”


Past Award Winners

Spring 2017 EDI
Rosa Solorzano


Rosa Solorzano, MD, MPH

Rosa Solorzano, MD, MPH, is a faculty member at the Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) and the Global Health Institute as well as a faculty consultant and educator at the School of Medicine. Rosa provides opportunities for students to acquire foundational Spanish language skills as well as broaden their ability to provide culturally competent care to a diverse patient population, particularly in the Latino community. She also serves as coordinator of Exploring Medicine in Other Cultures, an exemplary interdisciplinary program that gives faculty, students, and staff from medical, nursing, and physical therapy programs a chance to discover the cultural framework of medical care in other cultures through several programs, including a 10-day medical outreach.

Duke Regional Hospital Diversity Leadership Team

Left to right: Margie Muir, Denise Guerrier, Lisa Brown Cole, and Katie Galbraith


Duke Regional Hospital Diversity (DRH) Leadership Team

The team has been actively involved in diversity efforts in the hospital and community, working with the LGBTQ community on health care services, contributing to the implementation of new health care policy for the care of transgender patients, and promoting and providing information to frontline staff on gender affirming surgery performed at DRH. The team’s tireless efforts have resulted in DRH being the recipient of the Healthcare Equality Index Award, presented by the Human Rights Commission for the fourth straight year. The team has also been awarded the National Bold Award for their work with Project Search, which supports public school programs for youth with disabilities.

Spring 2014 EDI

The Spring 2014 award was shared by four recipients: Abdullah Antepli, chief representative of Muslim Affairs; Kenyon Railey, MD, instructor at Duke Physician Assistant Program; the Duke International Nurses group; and the team at the Academic Resource Center.

Spring 2013 EDI

The winner of the Spring 2013 award was the Duke Raleigh Hospital Diversity Leadership Team (DLT) and all of its members. This past year the team was led by Chair Maria Tucker of the Diabetes Center and Vice Chair Hai Ly Burk of Case Management. In his nomination, Dr. Rick Gannotta, the president of the hospital, stated that diversity is one of the core values at Duke Raleigh Hospital, and "this team is committed to upholding this value. The DLT is very interactive, creative and thinks 'out of the box,' working together to create a culture of diversity and inclusion not only with our staff, patients and visitors, but throughout the Triangle."

Fall 2012 EDI

The Fall 2012 award was shared by two recipients: Four members of the Pratt School of Engineering leadership team — Martha Absher, Constance Simmons, Lupita Temiquel-McMillian, and Marnie Rhoads — and Gerald J. Harrison, associate athletic director/HR of the Department of Athletics.

Spring 2012 EDI 

The winners of the Spring 2012 award were Dr. Paula McClain, Dr. Kerry Haynie, and the staff of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Social Sciences (REGSS).



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